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Cleansing gel – cleansing gel
The universal tool is used to cleanse the surface of any type of skin. Thanks to the natural ingredients supports the natural balance of the skin, moisturizes and tones the skin. Purification begins with the lips and the eyes, and then skin. A small amount (2 ml) was applied to the skin, by massaging gently emulsify and remove wet sponges.

Texture peel – Peeling with moisturizing effect
It provides deep cleansing of the skin, promotes the delicate separation of dead cells of the epidermis, thus has a regenerating effect on the skin. Importantly, peeling does not contain abrasives, peeling is carried out by connecting the components of the drug with keratin, sebiumom and drying of the drug on the air during a massage. As a result, until complete exfoliation slide preparation. Roll down the ability of peeling is currently the most harmless and comfortable. A small amount of gel (2-3 ml) was spread over the skin with light circular movements to form the abrasion crumb skin. Then wipe away the crumbs with dry discs. rolling time 2-3 minutes.

Concentrate essence (R) – Regenerating Concentrate
It provides an equilibrium process of formation of skin cells. Activates proliferation, regulates the maturation of high-grade cells, it supplies the skin with trace elements, vitamins, restores the carbohydrate and protein exchange. Concentrate stimulates the microcirculation of the skin, improves lymph flow, what strengthens the power and output of “slags”. Actively moisturizes, significantly improves skin tone and elasticity.
Lipo-lotion G – lotion for aging skin
It helps accelerate blood flow and increases the permeability of biological membranes. Deep penetrating, as conductor of the active components, allowing gradual release of low molecular weight components of cosmetics.
Concentrate (R) – 1 ml + Essence Ceramid -1ml + G -2ml mix lotion, solution applied to the skin and sliding movements of the negative electrode (-) on the handle skin massage lines. Or concentrate be applied directly to the skin and a napkin to moisten lotion. Duration of iontophoresis is 5-10 minutes

The mask has a gel base, spread well on the skin and gives excellent glide. A small amount of the mask (15 g) pre-warmed in your hands and then apply an even layer on the neck, neck and face. On the skin, the mask is left 5-10 min., Then spend 20-25 minutes lymphatic drainage massage. After the massage, a mask is removed a well-wrung sponge or use a warm wet towel compresses. Vegetable mask has a good moisturizing effect on the skin due squalane, vegetable glycerin and sugar in its composition. Okazyvetsya expressed rejuvenating effect due to the presence in the formulation phytoextracts hop, Chinese green tea, tomatoes, onion and parsley, rich in antioxidants and vitamins. The extract of parsley because of its bleaching properties evens overall skin tone and gives it a more well-groomed appearance.

Wrinsle essence (EX) – Essence for aging skin
The formulation of the drug is aimed at the protection and regeneration of cells, activates the immune system of the skin aging. Effectively resists biological and physiological aging of the skin, it contains phytoextracts possessing hormone-like and high antioxidant effect. It activates the microcirculation, nourishes, softens and relieves skin irritation.
1ml spread on the skin of eyelids and lips, allow to be absorbed.

Goldua mask – «Golden Mask”
Included in the mask 24-karat gold, vitamin P, the SOD enzyme and plant extracts Satsuma, perslei, Centella aziatskaoy, rosemary neutralize free oxygen radicals, improve blood circulation, provide a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, increases the immunity of skin cells. Included in the oligopeptides protect skin cells from premature aging, restoring firmness and elasticity.
Open the sachet to separate the sheets, remove the protective film on both sides, the first sheet ribbed side (shiny outside) put on the upper half of the face of the growth of hair to the tip of the nose, gently pulling the sheet from the center to the sides. The second sheet on the lower half of the face, stretching from the center of the bottom and sides without stretching the skin. Eyes, lips protect cosmetic disks! Exposure 10-15min

Lipo lotion G-lotion for aging skin
A small amount of lotion spread on the skin and allow to soak or rub the skin soaked in the lotion cosmetic disc

ATP lipid gel – Lipid-gel c ceramides
Rehabilitation for skin with impaired epidermal layer of the skin. It provides an intensive restoration of the structural elements of the skin and helps to fill them. It nourishes the skin with nutrients, removes dryness and irritation. A small amount (1 g), spread evenly over the skin of the face and neck.