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Program against couperose

Cleansing gel – cleansing gel
It maintains the natural balance of the skin, moisturizes and tones the skin. Purification begins with the lips and the eyes, and then skin.
A small amount (2 ml) applied to the skin, emulsify the massage lines, capturing the chest area. Remove with wet sponges.

Texture peel – Texture Peeling
It removes only weakly related to the scales, without any damage. Importantly, peeling does not contain abrasives, peeling is carried out by connecting the components of the drug with keratin, sebiumom and drying of the drug on the air during a massage. As a result, until complete exfoliation slide preparation. Roll down the ability of peeling is currently the most harmless and comfortable.
A small amount of gel (2 ml) and spread over the skin with light circular movements to form the abrasion crumb skin. Next, dry brush away crumbs discs or a well-wrung sponge. rolling time 2-3 minutes.

Essence SE 100 №3 Royal jelly – Concentrate “Royal Jelly”.
The product produced by bees (royal jelly). Actively nourishes the skin with vitamins, trace elements, fats, enzymes. It contains proteins, amino acid composition, the fats, including polyunsaturated, carbohydrates, vitamins more than 10 (B1, B2, PP, B6, C, P, folic acid, pantothenic acid, etc.), 37 macronutrients and micronutrients, volatile. Royal jelly acts as a natural biological stimulant upgrade skin, regenerating new healthy skin cells. Activated activity of fibroblasts, increases the synthesis of new components of the intercellular spaces of the dermis, which helps to improve skin turgor. It has a restorative, rejuvenating and toning effect on the skin. Wrinkles are less deep and less visible, the skin looks fresh and well-groomed.
1-2 ml of concentrate applied and spread on the skin, the massage lines.

Massage gel – Gel for massage
The biologically active ingredients regulates collagen synthesis, replenishes the amino acid composition of the skin and promotes mineralization and deep moisturizing of the skin. The gel can be used with a steam unit, increases the depth of penetration of microencapsulated collagen extracts and pharmaceutical ingredients.
Apply 3-5 g money and spend massage, grabbing chest area. After the massage, the surplus funds to remove wet sponges and clean the skin with cosmetic disc soaked in Lipo-lotion G.

Concentrate essence (D) – Concentrate for dry and sensitive skin
Present bioflavonoids prevent the fragility of vessels, causing increase in the synthesis of collagen in the vessel wall. It prevents vascular spasm, expands veins, reduces the permeability of capillaries.
1-2ml of concentrate applied and spread on the skin, the massage lines.

Gel alge mask – Liftingovaja algae mask
Rich in the mask, it promotes deep moisturizing and astringent, absorbent and cooling effect, soothing irritated skin.
Mask activates microcirculation and tissue metabolism, activates the functional capacity of cells.
The ratio of the drug and water = 1: 3, i.e. 30 g of the drug is taken and 90 ml of cold water, which is poured in small portions in the preparation and thoroughly kneaded to the consistency of cream, pasta, it is important that there are no lumps. The mask quickly and evenly applied with a spatula on the face, neck, can be applied to the area of the mouth and eyes. Since this plasticizing mask it begins to thicken already in process of application, complete plasticizing time of 7-15 minutes while the water was cold enough, or the client’s skin temperature is high, the time may be shortened. The mask is removed in one motion

Lipo-lotion G – lotion for aging skin
Liposomal weakly acidic drug that can be used for any skin type. It helps accelerate blood flow and increases the permeability of biological membranes. Deep penetrating conductor being active components, allowing gradual release of low molecular weight components of cosmetics. Biologically active components Lipo-Lotion, protect intracellular structures from the damaging effects of free oxygen radicals.
A small amount of lotion (2 ml), spread on the skin and allow to soak or rub the skin soaked in the lotion cosmetic discs.

ATP lipid gel – Lipid-gel with ceramides
Rehabilitation for skin with clear violations of the epidermal layer of the skin. Provides an intensive restoration of the structural elements of the skin, it protects the lipids from oxidative stress and promotes their replenishment. It nourishes the skin with nutrients, removes dryness and irritation. A small amount (1g), spread evenly over the skin of the face and neck.