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Intensive Anti-age therapy

Cleansing Gel – Purifying Gel
The universal tool is used to cleanse the skin surface. Due to natural ingredients it supports the natural balance of the skin, moisturizes and tones.
Purification begins with the lips and the eyes, and then skin. A small amount (2 ml) applied to the skin, emulsify by massaging gently, then remove with wet sponges.

Texture Peel – Peeling with moisturizing effect
Provides deep cleansing of the skin, it promotes the delicate separation of dead cells of the epidermis, thus has a pronounced bio-stimulating and regenerating effect on the skin. Texture peeling removes only weakly related to the scales, without damage and skin irritation. Importantly, peeling does not contain abrasives, peeling is carried out by connecting the components of the drug with keratin, sebiumom and drying of the drug on the air during a massage. As a result, until complete exfoliation slide preparation. Roll down the ability of peeling is currently the most harmless and comfortable.
Application: yebolshoe amount of gel (2-3ml) and distribute over the skin with light circular movements, form abrasion crumb skin. Next, brush away crumbs dry discs. rolling time 2-3 minutes.

Concentrate Essence (P) – Concentrate pig placenta
It reduces the severity of deep wrinkles and eliminates fine. The preparation of high purity, free from hormones, has no systemic effect on the body during daily care.
+ Lipo-lotion G – lotion for aging skin
Deep penetrating, as conductor of the active components, allowing gradual release of low molecular weight components of cosmetics.
Of use: concentrate (P) – 1 ml of the G + lotion – 2ml mix. The solution is applied to the skin and sliding movements of the negative electrode (-) on the massage lines treated skin. Or concentrate is applied directly to the skin and wetted wipe lotion. Duration of 5-10 min

Wrinsle Essence (EX) – Essence for aging skin
Highly concentrated essence with collagen, the receipt of which is aimed at the protection and regeneration of cells, activates the immune system, aging skin. Effectively resists biological and physiological aging of the skin, it contains phytoextracts have hormone-like and high antioxidant effect. It activates the microcirculation, nourishes, softens and relieves skin irritation. 1 ml, spread on the skin and allow to soak

Pure Squal Oil – Skvalanovoe massage oil
It has the ability to firmly retain moisture, emollient, antibacterial action, restores the structure of epidermal lipids.
Use: 3 ml of oil is ideal for deep intensive massage. After the massage tool, it is recommended not to remove

Active Repair Mask – retinoic restoring mask
After applying the mask to the skin tissue is heated and the mask structure itself gel to 20 degrees. Actively working on the skin, the components of the mask increase cell regeneration, strengthens skin structure, stimulate microcirculation and cellular respiration. Mask moisturizes, improves elasticity and skin tone can be used both alone and in conjunction with the concentrates, increasing the effect of their ingredients.
Do not apply to the skin with inflammatory elements in the acute stage and allergy to vitamin A! On the orbital area and lips cause the APR lipid gel and protect cotton pad. Apply 15 grams of the drug on the skin, and is distributed evenly across the surface. On the neck area cause skvalanovoe oil.
+ Detox Mask – Mask termomodeliruyuschaya (Detox)
Using the self-heating of the Japanese coal provided drainage and elimination of toxins, increases the permeability of the skin for the adoption of active substances. Unlike plaster masks Detox mask, ensures optimal pressure on the skin, while improving operations as superficial peripheral vascular, and general microcirculation of blood, lymph tissue increases. Due to the combined effect (mechanical, pharmacological), there is an accelerated movement of lymph and blood, increased toxins, accelerates metabolism in tissues. As a result of the application to achieve excellent results: lifting, modeling of facial contours, increasing turgor and elasticity of the skin and as a result, reducing run-off and wrinkles.
Before Detox mask applied Active repair mask or mask another mask on the customer’s problem. Bandage then split into several parts by equity (6) that it is possible after applying Detox mask to simulate the shape of the face, pulling bandages edge. 1 and part 2 is superimposed on the chin, 3 – on the right side of his face, 4 – to the left, 5 – and 6 on the nose – on the forehead, Application: in a bowl dissolve the mask with 65-70 ml of warm water until the consistency of thick cream and put on bandage with a spatula, and then tighten them to the modeling of facial contours. After that, cover with a towel and leave for 15-20 minutes to cool mask. The mask is applied on the entire face, including the eyes and lips, previously protected cotton pad!
After exposure, remove the mask with one movement from the bottom up and remove the lotion balances.

ATP Lipid Gel – Lipid-gel with ceramides
Rehabilitation means for skhhoy and sensitive skin. Provides an intensive restoration of the structural elements of the skin, it protects the lipids from oxidative stress and promotes their replenishment. It nourishes the skin with nutrients, removes dryness and irritation. A small amount (1 g), spread evenly over the skin of the face and neck.