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Care of a skin with the first signs of aging (collagen +)

Cleansing gel – cleansing gel
The universal tool is used to cleanse the surface of any type of skin. Thanks to the natural ingredients supports the natural balance of the skin, moisturizes and tones the skin.
Purification begins with the lips and the eyes, and then skin. A small amount (2 ml) applied to the skin, emulsify by massaging gently, remove wet sponges.

Texture peel – Texture Peeling
Texture peeling removes only weakly related to the scales, without any damage. Importantly, peeling does not contain abrasives, peeling is carried out by connecting the components of the drug with keratin, sebiumom and drying of the drug on the air during a massage. As a result, until complete exfoliation slide preparation. Roll down the ability of peeling is currently the most harmless and comfortable.
A small amount of gel (2 ml) and spread over the skin with light circular movements to form the abrasion crumb skin. Then wipe away the crumbs with dry discs or a well-wrung sponge. rolling time 2-3 minutes.

Concentrate essence (R) – Regenerating Concentrate
It provides an equilibrium process of formation of skin cells. Concentrate stimulates the microcirculation of the skin, improves lymph flow, what strengthens the power and output of “slags”. Actively moisturizes, significantly improves skin tone and elasticity.
+ Essence SE 100 №2 Collagen – Collagen Monokontsentrat
Use as a therapy for rehabilitation and rejuvenation of the skin. The low molecular weight collagen, prevents the destructive destruction of property of collagen fibers, amino acids contributes to the compensation of the skin, has wound-healing and moisturizing effect. Increases the tone, skin elasticity, reduces the severity of wrinkles. The effectiveness of the use of the concentrate results proved dermatological clinical trials conducted over 15 years.

+ Lipo-lotion G – Lotion for iontophoresis
This conductor drug that can be used for any skin type. It helps accelerate blood flow and increases the permeability of biological membranes. Deep penetrating, as conductor of the active components, allowing gradual release of low molecular weight components of cosmetics.
Concentrate (R) – 1ml + Essence Collagen -1ml Lotion + G – 2 ml, mix. The solution is applied to the skin and the negative electrode sliding movements (-) on the massage lines treat the skin. It concentrates or applied directly to the skin as the napkin is wetted lotion. Duration of iontophoresis is 5-10min

Carefy essence (EX) – Essence for Dry Skin
The means on the basis of the gel biotseramidami has highly permeable properties, interacting with epidermal intercellular lipids, restores, strengthens the lipid barrier of the skin and normalize fluid balance. Cholesterol, which is part of the essence controls permeability of cell membranes increases the strength and viability of the cells. Components essences actively soften, soothe dry skin and prevent peeling and fixing skin wrinkles.
1 ml shall be distributed on the skin along the massage lines

Active repair oil – Restorative massage oil with retinol
It promotes skin cell renewal. It activates the proliferation, maturation of cells and aids in exfoliating massage corneocytes. Slows synthesis of melanin, accelerates the synthesis of collagen. Oily extract activates blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues, increases the nutrient supply to the cellular system. The combination of vit. A and vit. C protects against lipid peroxidation.
Suggested Use: 1 ampoule (3 ml) is ideal for deep intensive massage. After the massage tool, it is recommended not to remove

Active repair mask – retinoic restoring mask
Hallmark Active repair mask, its structure is: after application to the skin tissue is heated and the mask structure itself gel to 20 degrees. Actively working on the skin, the components of the mask, enhance cell regeneration, stimulates cellular metabolism, strengthens skin structure, stimulate microcirculation and cellular respiration. The mask has a moisturizing effect, improves elasticity and skin tone can be used alone or in combination with kontsetratami that increase the impact of ..
Do not apply to the skin with inflammatory elements in the acute stage and allergy to vitamin A! Apply 10-15 grams of the drug on the skin and spread evenly over the entire surface of the eyes and lips to protect cotton pad

Clear rich R – Gel for Dry Skin
Perfectly balanced nanocomplexes ingredients combined with sustained release of active ingredients, allow for effective exposure for 24 hours. In the gel includes regenerating a plant complex, which increases the resistance of the epidermis to extreme environmental influences (sun, cold, wind). Optimizes lipid metabolism in the skin helps the skin’s own synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Pullulan algae extract provide a tightening effect on the skin surface to form a thin film that promotes alignment of the skin and prevent moisture evaporation.
A small amount (1 g) was spread over the skin.