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Tired of being hungry?

Losing weight is a breeze with VEGE FRU smoothies. Replace one of your meals with a healthy smoothie that satiates your hunger at only 28-34 kilocalories!


VEGE FRU smoothies are a perfect choice if:
  • You wish to lose weight
  • You have a hard time keeping your meal times regular
  • You eat too often and too much
  • You don’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.


For an instant smoothie, mix 10 g of smoothie powder in 200 ml of water or milk and drink immidiately. One cocktail is a perfect replacement for one meal.


Choose between 3 flavors:

  • Green – perfect for weight loss and detox 
  • Green – gives you radiant and healthy skin
  • Coconut – helps to burn fat.


Carefully chosen ingredients for beautiful figure!

  • 172 kinds of plant fermentation substances
  • Rare white chia seeds generating a sense of fullness
  • Psyllium husk and Glucomannan Okarat (fiber from tofu refuse)
  • 6 types of cereal enzyme extracts
  • Plant lactobacillus and low-sugar oligosaccharides
  • Variety of vitamins and minerals.

How can I lose weight with smoothies?

VEGE FRU smoothies are extremely low on calories, but at the same time they are loaded with nutrients. This helps to feel full and you will lose the desire for constant snacking.

To lose 1 kg of body fat, a person needs to lose 7200 calories. This can be done, for excample, by running for 19 hours or swimming for 6 hours.

One average meal is usually around 700 kilocalories. By replacing one meal with VEGE FRU smoothie, one will consume around 670 kilocalories less, compared to a regular meal every day. This means that we will lose about 1 kilogram of body fat every 10 days, and can lose up to 3 kilograms in one month.


Perfect for weight loss and detox. Contains barley grass, kale and Houttunynia cordata.


Guarantees a radiant skin. Contains plant exxtracts, Camu-camu and Euterpe oleracea.


Boosts the fat burning process. Contains extra virgin coconut oil, green nuts oil and argan oil.